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    Higa Organic Fertilizer


    HIGATM is one of “pure organic” fertilizer. It derived from three different materials in term of roles and function. It’s able to overcome all kinds of plants, giving protection to the plant, thus improving soil structure and increase soil fertility. HIGATM ORGANIC FERTILIZER is very effective, free chemical and environmental friendly.

    organic fertilizers

    • HIGATM fertilizers where this plant is able to increase the capacity to grow up healthy and able to defend themselves from the disease, fungus, insects and environmental stress is to provide it with sufficient nutrients and complete.
    • HIGATM Fertilizer contains minerals and elements that are needed by the plant without the harmful micro-organisms and soil structure.

    Advantage of HiGaTM Fertilizer

    Following are some of the advantages of HiGaTM Fertilizer

    1. Strengthen the cell wall layer (epidermis) of leaves, stems and roots. Increase the immune system of plant and resistant to disease and insect infestation.
    2. Increase the chlorophyll in the leaf elements to the process of metabolism during Photosynthesis.
    3. It increases the rate of crop production and yield.
    4. Reduce N.P.K lost in the soil. In which silica can absorb and retain potassium (K) in soil Up to 90%.
    5. Maintain soil pH 5 - 6.5 to ensure Phosphorus can always be used by plants.
    6. Help improve the imbalance of nutrients and toxic substances in plants.
    7. Dispelling the current drought resistant plants. It helps the process of storing water in the Plant.
    8. Preventing plant from ganoderma disease


    Our Organic Paddy Field in Pasir Putih, Kelantan, Malaysia

    Our Organic Paddy Field in Pasir Putih, Kelantan, Malaysia.