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    Professor George Goh

    Professor George Goh (Biology & Biochemistry, specialised in plants and soil type)

    Goh Chiu Khek is a part time lecturer in University teaching Biology and Biochemistry. He also gives lectures to undergraduates to learn more about plants as well as lectures on the importance of recycling and how important plants are in sustaining the environment. He is passionate about nature and even as a child, he has always been fascinated by how plants grow and did an extensive observation on how things work in plants. As a nature enthusiast, he has spent his time researching and how plants bloom as well as understanding their growth cycle.

    In areas of Biology of the forest, he understands the environment of plants, soil structure and plant diseases just by looking at its leaves. In one of his personal observation, he noted that nutrients, water, oxygen, carbon dioxide and sunlight all play an important role in the growth of a plant. In addition to that, he noticed that plants that are given extra care and are exposed to music grow better and healthier.

    He strongly believes that no chemical should be used to aid the growth of any plants. The use of organic matter should be substituted as it is the natural origin for the plant.